Cincinnati Central Credit Union Credit Cards
Cincinnati Central Credit Union Credit Cards

CCCU Credit Cards - The Freedom of Choice!

Just like the many other financial products you use, your credit card should reflect your needs and preferences.

Cincinnati Central Credit Union offers you a credit card that allows you to select the features that are important to you.  Choose a low rate card, or a rewards card.  You even get a choice of card designs to choose from.  You have five designs to choose from for a VISA® Platinum card and two designs to choose from for a MasterCard® Traditional credit card. 

CCCU credit cards are easy-to-use and accepted worldwide.  Best of all, our low interest rates will save you money.

VISA® Platinum Card

  • Rate as low as 10.99% APR*
  • No Annual Fee
  • CASHBACK Rewards


  • Rate as low as 9.49% APR*
  • No Annual Fee
  • NO CASHBACK Rewards

MasterCard® Traditional

  • Rate as low as 11.24% APR*
  • No Annual Fee
  • CASHBACK on Purchases
  • Merchandise Rewards


  • Rate as low as 9.74% APR*
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Rewards

Secured MasterCards® Available

For members working to establish or reestablish credit, we offer secured MasterCard® credit cards.  These cards are accepted  worldwide anywhere that accepts MasterCard® credit cards. 

Because this card is secured by the funds in your Cincinnati Central Credit Union account, you may be eligible to receive one even if other credit card providers have turned you down.

*Rates are subject to change and are based on the creditworthiness of the indivitual applicant. For complete information, call or stop by the CCCU office nearest you.

Credit Cards

"Credit card rates from Cincinnati Central Credit Union beat the big bank rates. Better rates and better terms is why I carry a Cincinnati Central Credit Union credit card."

- Jennifer
  Member Since 2001