Cincinnati Central Credit Union Internet Banking

ACH - Automated Clearing House

Do you currenly have accounts at more than one financial institution, and have to move money between those different accounts.  CCCU can simplify the process for you with our FREE ACH Origination. You can easily move money between accounts at another financial institution and CCCU by following these simple steps:

  • Print and complete the ACH Origination/Electronic Account Transfer Authorization Form (click link at bottom of page).
  • Choose the frequency and amount of your transaction.
  • Fax or mail ACH form along with proof you are on the account for the other financial institution (voided check/deposit slip/statement copy).
Important reminder: Transfer requests after 12:30PM will not be sent until the following business day. Please attach a voided check/deposit slip/statement copy from your other financial institution. Transfers are subject to approval based on account standing and status. See form for complete details.

Upon receipt of your form and information, a CCCU representative will contact you if additional information is needed. And should you have any questions, a friendly CCCU member support representative is just a phone call away.

ACH origination/Electronic Account Transfer Authorization Form

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